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Sectors has been used as an equity research tool by Indonesia's top financial institutions, and has also been used as a data source for academic research. The depth of our data puts it head and shoulders above any comparable market intelligence tool, and is readily available through a simple developer experience with Sectors API.

Learn Financial Analytics with Sectors API

New to programming?

We have a live, instructor-led workshop conducted by the creators of Sectors coming up on the 6th of June, 2024. The workshop will cover a range of topics, from stock research principles to building live financial analytics tools using Sectors API.
It is intended for beginners and non-programmers who are interested in taking the first steps towards financial analytics, API usage, and programming in general.

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Financial Analytics Workshop

🛠️ Make the most out of Sectors with a 3-hour live workshop (online) happening on the 6th June 2024. Learn directly from the engineering team behind Sectors.

Making your first authenticated API request to Sectors

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Upgrade to Sectors Standard or Professional

Through the Sectors API, you are two lines of code away from Indonesia's most comprehensive financial market data and stock research tools. Sectors API is available to our Standard and Professional plans subscribers.

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Obtain Sectors API Key

Once logged in with your Sectors account (Standard or Professional plan), navigate to the API Keys section to generate a new API key. Include this API key in the header of your requests to authenticate and access the API (code snippets provided below).

Retrieve Data from the API

Use one of the documented API endpoints along with your Sectors API Key to access data from Sectors. Explore the Sectors API Playground to discover the available endpoints and sample responses.

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Sectors API Playground