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Financial Data Layer

Serving Indonesia's most astute financial institutions.

The definitive IDX database.

Sectors is an always-learning database built for Indonesia's companies and financial institutions. Underlying the data warehouse is a collection of data pipelines connecting the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange), industry-leading data providers, and our proprietary data.
Companies indexed on Sectors are analyzed, tagged, and scored using a combination of machine learning algorithms and human analysts on a daily basis. Businesses, investors, and developers has access to Indonesia's most comprehensive financial data through a unified API.

Indonesian Companies Indexed
Publicly listed companies in Indonesia
Indonesian economic sectors, IDX specifications
Terabyte-scale Indonesia Financial Data
Data points collected and processed daily

Comprehensive sectoral data.

Sectors is built for Indonesia's enterprises. It is fully designed around the specifications of the IDX and is thus the only market intelligence tool with 100% coverage of Indonesia's economic sectors and 100% compatibility with IDX's own sectoral classifications. The closest alternative to a sectoral database of Indonesia's financial landscape has ~60% coverage -- that is because Indonesia is an afterthought for most US-centric financial data providers. Sectors is unashamedly built to serve Indonesia's financial markets first and this translates to a data quality that is unmatched in scope and breadth.

Top Companies

Most profitable companies in banks


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Beyond basic financial data.

Sectors has been used as an equity research tool by Indonesia's top financial institutions, and has also been used as a data source for academic research. The depth in our data puts it head and shoulders above any market intelligence tool that is currently available, even before taking into account the rapid pace of development and feature releases already planned for the future.
With Sectors, your research workflow is turbocharged with an intuitive financial API that goes as deep as your analysis requires.

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Database, Technology, and AI Search.

$4,999 per month.

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Financial Data Layer

Build on top of Indonesia's most advanced financial database.

As a Sector Enterprise customer, you can focus on building your financial services, market analytics, in-house research, and other data-driven applications with no overhead on data collection and large-scale data processing.
We provide you with a complete financial data layer that plugs right into your business and helps you deliver value to your customers right from day one.

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AI-powered Search

Powerful query engine, valuation models and everything in between.

Sector Enterprise are all-inclusive subscription plans that take everything we offer at Sectors and made them available to your entire organization with enhanced feature sets and enterprise-grade support. Empower your team with the best financial data API, AI search engine, and data analytics tools available in the market today.

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Extensible Data Architecture

Build your data models & financial services on a scalable architecture.

Create new product offerings and services by leveraging on the financial data and a rich set of APIs across the platform. Our data architecture is designed to be extensible and adaptable to your business needs, and we provide you with the tools to take it further with custom data models, third party integrations, additional data sources and more.

Sectors Enterprise can be extended to support a wide range of enterprise use cases:

  • Financial Services
  • Market Analytics
  • In-house Research
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Custom Data Models

Everything with Top Tier Support.

White-glove onboarding. Custom Branding. Unlimited Seats.

White-glove onboarding

Dedicated on-ramp for your team to get started quickly and easily.

Custom Branding

White-labelling Sectors to match your corporate brand and identity.

Unlimited Seats

Unmetered access for your entire organization with no seat limits.

Custom Domain & Hosting

Dedicated IP address, custom domain, hosting for your copy of Sectors.

Direct Database Access

Full access to the database, query engine, and data models.

Account Management

Dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of Sectors.

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