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LUCY Overview

PT Lima Dua Lima Tiga Tbk is an Indonesia-based company, which owns Jakarta-based restaurant and bar Lucy in the Sky. The Company is mainly engaged in trade, industry, mining, agriculture, printing, workshops, development, land transportation and services, food and beverage services, as well as activity organizers entertainment and recreation business. It operates through segments such as Food, Drinks and Others. It provides food and beverages, nightlife experience for its guests. It offers its guest signature tropical cocktails crafted by its Mixologists, and also spirits and liquors. The Company’s eat and drinks include local favorites, snacks and appetizers, take a bowl and sweet lucy.

Indonesia Stock Exchange

Symbol: LUCY

Market Cap.
IDR 187.83Billion

~$11.53M USD

Tourism & Recreation
Consumer Cyclicals


LUCY Valuation Metrics

Other Valuation Metrics

Valuing PT Lima Dua Lima Tiga Tbk relative to other stocks in the Consumer Services sector

No data is available for LUCY at the moment.

Analyst Ratings

No analyst ratings available yet.

Last closing: IDR1242024-06-14
IDR 52.15

Considerably Lower Intrinsic Value: Analyst's intrinsic value is of LUCY is IDR52, which is 57% lower than LUCY's last closing price of IDR124 (as of 2024-06-14).


LUCY Peers and Comparison

Peer Companies

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Market Cap
(in Trillion IDR)
Total Assets
(in Trillion IDR)
Total Revenue
(in Trillion IDR)
Profit and Loss
(in Trillion IDR)
MASAMultistrada Arah Sarana Tbk55.71T8.00T 7.71T 1.09T 51.248.89
FILMPT MD Pictures Tbk.40.04T1.73T 0.36T 0.10T 407.1124.50
MSINPT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk35.80T6.79T 2.89T 0.27T 131.386.11
MAPIMitra Adiperkasa Tbk24.31T28.22T 34.70T 1.90T 12.782.33
MAPAPT MAP Aktif Adiperkasa Tbk.21.24T11.50T 14.53T 1.40T 15.213.54
CNMAPT Nusantara Sejahtera Raya Tbk17.33T7.54T 3.61T 0.42T 41.573.55
ACESAce Hardware Indonesia Tbk14.63T8.01T 7.90T 0.81T 18.072.31
TRIOTrikomsel Oke Tbk11.08T0.11T 0.82T -0.14T -81.11-2.95
SMSMSelamat Sempurna Tbk10.08T4.85T 4.98T 0.94T 10.752.94
KPIGMNC Land Tbk4.88T33.54T 1.40T 0.34T 14.380.18
Competitiveness Recap of LUCY stock
At a market cap of IDR 187.83 billion, LUCY.JK ranks 10 in Market Cap out of 10 companies in the Consumer Cyclicals sector.

At a PE of undefined, LUCY.JK ranks 9 out of 10 companies in the Consumer Cyclicals sector for P/E value. The average PE is 60.70 (unadjusted). A high P/E ratio often indicates higher growth expectation, or other qualitative factors that led investors to believe that the company has a defensible competitive advantage compared to its peers in Consumer Cyclicals. In this regard, it trails behind sector leaders such as PT MD Pictures Tbk. (407.11) in the Consumer Cyclicals sector.

At a PE of undefined, LUCY.JK is trading at a lower PE than that of its subsector peers in Consumer Services (median of 5.84). A lower P/E value presents a potential value opportunity, but it might also indicate that the company is facing headwinds in its business.


Future Growth of LUCY

Growth Forecasts

No data available

Sector Benchmark

Consumer Services companies in Indonesia are growing at a projected rate of 21.92% against the IDX average of +13.1%.

Consumer Services sector overview
No data is available for LUCY at the moment.
Future growth prospect of LUCY
LUCY's projected growth rate of 21.92% is above the ID market average of 13.14%.

The Consumer Services sub-sector is projected to grow revenue by 21.92% in 2025. This number is higher than the previous year 2024's growth rate of 9.51%. This bodes well for LUCY's revenue growth prospects in the next 2 years.

The Consumer Services sub-sector is projected to decrease earnings by 0.00% in 2025. This number is lower than the previous year 2024's EPS growth of 0.00%. false

LUCY and its peers in the Consumer Services sub-sector belongs to the Consumer Cyclicals sector. Companies in the Consumer Cyclicals sector are projected to have a fruitful year heading into 2025. Specifically, earnings are projected to increase by 59.01% in 2025 while revenue growth is projected to increase by 20.47%. These macroeconomic trends will likely be a tailwind for LUCY's earnings growth prospects in the next 2 years.



Executive Management

President Director

Surya Andarurachman Putra15.2 years
Randy Suherman
Billy SabartoCommissioner27,584,0002.57
Surya Andarurachman PutraPresident Director130,025,00012.1
Expressed in millions IDR, unless otherwise stated


LUCY Ownership

NameNumber of SharesOwnership (%)Value
Pt Delta Wibawa Bersama513,612,70047.7963.69B
Public (Scripless)220,160,89820.4827.30B
Dimas Wibowo180,424,10016.7922.37B
Surya Andarurachman Putra130,025,00012.116.12B
Billy Sabarto27,584,0002.573.42B
No data is available for LUCY at the moment.

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