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July 2024 (1.7.0)

Release date: 2024-07-13

Across the app, there are numerous enhancements to the overall experience, and Indonesia's most comprehensive financial analytics platform just got, grasps even richer in data with the introduction of the Sustainability šŸŒ± and Technical Indicators šŸ’¹ sections on selected stock reports. We're also welcoming a new Singapore šŸ‡øšŸ‡¬ page, allowing you to track SGX stocks and pit STI Index against IHSG (IDX Composite Index) directly, and explore the best SGX stocks to invest in based on value investing ratios. Beyond just stocks, Sectors is also now the best way to monitor indices performances (eg. KOMPAS100, BUMN20 etc), with more data points on each index's Fact Sheet on sectors than anywhere else on the internet. As always, if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or any of the key developers on our Discord server. Highlights šŸ“ˆ Indices (13 indices in total) šŸ“ˆ Keen on indices and ETFs? Sectors is proud to announce Fact Sheets (here's one for KOMPAS100). It's not any ordinary Fact Sheet from the 90s, it's a fully interactive, high-fidelity fact sheet that goes beyond constituents' breakdown, index performances across various time span, performance against the IHSG (IDX Composite), index selection and characteristics. Actually, it would be easier for you to just check it out on Sectors. Staying true to being accessibility-first, these fact sheets also come equipped with fully exportable data layers: API, or CSV -- your choice! You'll have @nisa-basalamah to thank for this highlight feature Indices (or "indeks") added to Sectors are FTSE (Indonesia), IDX BUMN20, KOMPAS100, LQ45, Jakarta Islamic Index 70 (JII70), and 8 others, for 13 in total šŸ‡øšŸ‡¬ Sectors for Singapore šŸ‡øšŸ‡¬ While Sectors remain Indonesia-first, we recognize the increasingly intertwining economies (indonesian companies listed on SGX, or have its holding group on SGX) and the potential of being able to model these complex relationships across the Indonesia and Singapore financial markets. Visit Sectors for Singapore or Largest companies in singapore by market cap to start exploring the SGX market. This is a monumental effort, and we're directing the same amount of resources into modelling after the KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) over the next few weeks. The infrastructure team working on this highlight: @Christeigen @projectwilsen @geraldbryan and the analytics are done by @onlyphantom šŸŒ± Sustainability Section ā™»ļø Brand new Sustainability section on each stock report, powered by MorningStar Sustainalytics on stocks that support it. You can see an example of this on BBRI Stock Report, brought to you by @AurelliaChristie with assistance from @rafiksept. We're not fully satisfied with the data and coverage on this yet, and hope to release incremental improvements over the next few releases! šŸ’¹ Technical Indicators Section šŸ’± Also by @AurelliaChristie with assistance from @Gulilil, IDX stock reports on Sectors also come equipped with a section on technical ratings (oscillators, moving averages, and summary). You can see an implementation of this section on BBCA Stock Report. šŸ”Œ Sectors API Credits šŸ”Œ Courtesy of @vccalvin33, Sectors now have a way to award API credits to users! This opens up a new way to award active contributors and participants, and we're already putting that to work into our our new Workshop + Practicum format. We'll roll out more ways to award our community members over time! Improvements We added several API endpoints, and make the returned value more descriptive. Some of the existing endpoints previously returned only the stock symbol, but upon community feedback from our Discord, we've re-evaluated this design decision and choose to add both the stock symbol, and company name. This is not a breaking change from v1.0.0, as the extra key-value is in addition to existing fields returned by Sectors API (@vccalvin33). You should check out Sectors API Playground and/or Sectors Documentation to give these a try! Speaking of Sectors API playground, @AurelliaChristie , @aidityasadhakim, @onlyphantom and @Gulilil redesigned and improved the user experience from its last iteration to give it more polish, more assistance (auto-fill, auto-populate first key, copy to clipboard, mask/unmask key for increased security, descriptive tooltips etc) A sleeker UI for the Indonesia Financial Analytics Toolbox (@onlyphantom) A sleeker breadcrumb on Index page, stock report pages, sector report pages, index fact sheets etc (@onlyphantom) Data Exporter is now present on a few of the visual analytics pages, such as the Indonesia Listed Companies Visualization, allowing you to export these data and perform your own analysis and visualization either through CSV or JSON! (@onlyphantom) Speed improvements through memoization on long-running computation (@onlyphantom) A few pages found new homes (eg. stocks/most-traded -> indonesia/most-traded) to account for country-level pages like Singapore (SGX) and in a few weeks, Malaysia (bursa KLSE), and site structure is slightly refactored to incorporate these longer-term plans (@onlyphantom) We now have more ways and more coverage on detailed Indonesia's companies financials, with double the courage (!) than a month ago on companies with detailed revenue and cost segments (@jigsawinthecity for the data pipeline, @Genvictus for the automation) Thanks to work from @akbarmridho and @vccalvin33, we have implemented a series of optimization on Sectors API and, using Grafana, we're more closely monitoring the health status of the Sectors API service, and the usage trends of our endpoints. This should not have any material impact on you, but it does help us provide the most robust developer experience you can expect Minor enhancements on stock reports, with negative PE ratio now being better communicated (@onlyphantom) Minor enhancements on the management section on stock reports (@nisa-basalamah) Minor enhancements on sector reports, with the bar charts in 'top companies' being more descriptive (@onlyphantom) Minor enhancements on footer, with better grouping of external links and better CSS rendering to avoid overlapping footers on long pages (@onlyphantom) Feedback šŸ—Øļø As usual, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to improve Sectors. If you have any, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or via email. If you are interested in using Sectors at work or for your business, please reach out to us for a discussion on whether Sectors Enterprise is a good fit for your needs. Final Notes šŸ“ Along with this release, we've changed the versioning system to now have the minor reflecting the month of the release: [major].[month].[minor] This better reflects our monthly release notes cadence than the arbitrary versioning notation.

June 2024 (1.0.0)

Release date: 2024-06-12

Compared to the pre-release version, this release includes the following changes in addition to the massive upgrade in API rate limits and API usage credits for Sectors Standard and Professional users: Highlights A stable /v1 API endpoint for Sectors data, the same data that powers the Sectors app, brought to you by @vccalvin33 A new Exploration tab on Sectors app, with a whole new set of data exploration and stock research tools (7 in total!), courtesy of @onlyphantom A brand new Sectors API documentation created by the fantastic @AurelliaChristie More data sources and new pipelines for Indonesian companies listed on the FTSE Index (@geraldbryan), and the resulting FTSE page on Sectors app (@nisa-basalamah and @aidityasadhakim) Most traded IDX stocks now have a dedicated page on Sectors app, with a new set of data and analytics (@onlyphantom and @AurelliaChristie) Improvements A smarter search feature on Sectors, that now support fuzzy search across stock symbol and company name (@onlyphantom and @nisa-basalamah) Added sectors performance heatmap (@projectwilsen and @onlyphantom) A redesigned Sectors API playground (@AurelliaChristie and @aidityasadhakim) An overhauled newsletter subscription system (@onlyphantom) An overhauled footer (@onlyphantom) A new, visual way to explore IDX economic sectors (@onlyphantom) Data exporter (csv, json) for Most Traded IDX Stocks (@onlyphantom) More revenue and financial coverage for financial Sankeys (@jigsawinthecity) Revamped side bar with community links and better UX (@onlyphantom) āœØ Upsize on Sectors Standard: 500 endpoint calls -> 1,500 endpoint calls per month āœØ Upsize on Sectors Professional: 5,000 endpoint calls -> 10,000 endpoint calls per month āœØ Upsize on Sectors Professional: 25 calls/min rate limit -> 300 calls/min rate limit Miscellaneous optimization and improvements on the data architecture and data pipeline (@tmtsmrsl, @Christeigen, @vccalvin33, @geraldbryan, @projectwilsen) Miscellanous bug fixes, UI improvements, and performance optimizations resulting in an overall more navigable app (@onlyphantom, @nisa-basalamah, @aidityasadhakim, @AurelliaChristie) Feedback šŸ—Øļø As usual, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to improve Sectors. If you have any, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or via email. If you are interested in using Sectors at work or for your business, please reach out to us for a discussion on whether Sectors Enterprise is a good fit for your needs.