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June 2024 (1.0.0)

Release date: 2024-06-03

June 2024 (version 1.0.0)

Welcome to Sectors! This is the first release of Sectors, a collective effort in trying to make Indonesia's financial data more accessible, consumable, and insightful. We are excited to have you on board and if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or any of the key developers on our Discord server.

Compared to the pre-release version, this release includes the following changes in addition to the massive upgrade in API rate limits and API usage credits for Sectors Standard and Professional users:


  • A stable /v1 API endpoint for Sectors data, the same data that powers the Sectors app, brought to you by @vccalvin33
  • A new Exploration tab on Sectors app, with a whole new set of data exploration and stock research tools (7 in total!), courtesy of @onlyphantom
  • A brand new Sectors API documentation created by the fantastic @AurelliaChristie
  • More data sources and new pipelines for Indonesian companies listed on the FTSE Index (@geraldbryan), and the resulting FTSE page on Sectors app (@nisa-basalamah and @aidityasadhakim)
  • Most traded IDX stocks now have a dedicated page on Sectors app, with a new set of data and analytics (@onlyphantom and @AurelliaChristie)


  • A smarter search feature on Sectors, that now support fuzzy search across stock symbol and company name (@onlyphantom and @nisa-basalamah)
  • Added sectors performance heatmap (@projectwilsen and @onlyphantom)
  • A redesigned Sectors API playground (@AurelliaChristie and @aidityasadhakim)
  • An overhauled newsletter subscription system (@onlyphantom)
  • An overhauled footer (@onlyphantom)
  • A new, visual way to explore IDX economic sectors (@onlyphantom)
  • Data exporter (csv, json) for Most Traded IDX Stocks (@onlyphantom)
  • More revenue and financial coverage for financial Sankeys (@jigsawinthecity)
  • Revamped side bar with community links and better UX (@onlyphantom)
  • ✨ Upsize on Sectors Standard: 500 endpoint calls -> 1,500 endpoint calls per month
  • ✨ Upsize on Sectors Professional: 5,000 endpoint calls -> 10,000 endpoint calls per month
  • ✨ Upsize on Sectors Professional: 25 calls/min rate limit -> 300 calls/min rate limit
  • Miscellaneous optimization and improvements on the data architecture and data pipeline (@tmtsmrsl, @Christeigen, @vccalvin33, @geraldbryan, @projectwilsen)
  • Miscellanous bug fixes, UI improvements, and performance optimizations resulting in an overall more navigable app (@onlyphantom, @nisa-basalamah, @aidityasadhakim, @AurelliaChristie)

Feedback 🗨️

As usual, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to improve Sectors. If you have any, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or via email. If you are interested in using Sectors at work or for your business, please reach out to us for a discussion on whether Sectors Enterprise is a good fit for your needs.

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    We hate spam as much as you do. We do not resell your data.

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